All about Embroidery- FEARLESS

 We continue learning about machine embroidery fearlessly, in the same format used in 2016.  This is a club for owners of all brands of embroidery machines.  This class is taught as a lecture and demonstration at the Sew Center. We will be meeting every other month as a club, but you will receive a CD with lessons for 2 months.  This will include the video recording, hand outs and power point slide program for each lesson along with two featured free designs.  I will select one design and technique to cover during the club meeting and give a brief overview of the other.  Shop samples help envision the possibilities, along with show and tell by anyone attending.  Each Club meeting focuses on a different technique.  It’s a great way to learn more about embroidery. We would love to have you come and join us!  Please note evening time change!

June 21 - Lessons 5 & 6--

Lesson 5 - Sew Many Options -- This tote is perfect for showing off embroidery designs!  Take a look at several different embroidery techniques as you create the perfect tote to showcase your machine embroidery.

Lesson 6 - Pocket Full of Fun - Recycle a pair of old jeans to make these unique potholders!  In the process we will take a look at how to embroider on pockets and talk about embroidery on denim fabric.


Cost: $ 15.00
$15.00 per session or $65.00 for 5 sessions. Includes 2 CD's per meeting.
Skill Level:All levels of ability and creativity
Materials Included:CD's and handouts
Requirements:Lecture/Demo Class