All about Embroidery- FEARLESS

 We continue learning about machine embroidery fearlessly, in the same format used in 2016.  This is a club for owners of all brands of embroidery machines.  This class is taught as a lecture and demonstration at the Sew Center. We will be meeting every other month as a club, but you will receive a CD with lessons for 2 months.  This will include the video recording, hand outs and power point slide program for each lesson along with two featured free designs.  I will select one design and technique to cover during the club meeting and give a brief overview of the other.  Shop samples help envision the possibilities, along with show and tell by anyone attending.  Each Club meeting focuses on a different technique.  It’s a great way to learn more about embroidery. We would love to have you come and join us! 

September 20
Lesson 7 - a Boat Load of Organizational Ideas:  There are a boatload of items that you can store in these Button Boats (pattern by Lazy Girl).  We will create this one-of-a-kind "boat" that holds the things you need most and keeps them handy.  Then, we will talk about organizational aids that will keep your sewing room and embroidery needs organized.
Lesson 8 - Colorful Pouches:  Creating beautiful embroidery with colorful threads will be the focus of this program as we take a look at different threads that can be used in the embroidery machine.  We will create a colorful pouch using a design from Susan Rooney's "Create" embroidery collection.

November 8
Lesson 9 - Fluffy Stuff:  Embroidering on towels, velour and other fluffy stuff can be a challenge.  This class will give you guidelines to create perfect embroidery on towels.  We will also create an in-the-hoop towel hanger to show off your work.
Lesson 10 - Two For One:  Stitch up a unique double-zip box pouch with two compartments to use for travel or to store sewing accessories.  We will take a look at some handy embroidery aids and accessories that will make the embroidery process easier. 

Cost: $ 15.00
$15.00 per session or $65.00 for 5 sessions. Includes 2 CD's per meeting.
Skill Level:All levels of ability and creativity
Materials Included:CD's and handouts
Requirements:Lecture/Demo Class